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Friday, 30 September 2011


People who stink!  Went to Lidl earlier and got my nasal passage assaulted. (going to Lidl is risky at the best of times, but I was just plain stupid to think I could get away with it on a sunny day!)   This bloke smelt so bad, that if I were somehow transported in to CSI or some other crime programme and I was investigating a murder  and I smelt that smell, I would say "Urgh, it's worse than I thought"!  He needs a good scrub down with some white spirit and a scouring pad.........geez louise!


Unexpected Sunshine............I know I should be happy, but i'm not!  I'd already ditched all my summer clothes for jackets, jeans and scarves.  I shouldn't have to think about shaving my legs, burrowing through my wardrobe for anything that fits and doesn't make me look fat or covering my feet in plasters so I can wear my very pretty, but exruciatingly painful sandals.  And then, when it is sunny all you read about in the papers, is about how sunny it is.......I know, for frig sake!  Oh, and also, it's supposed to snow next week.........WTH?!