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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Men without genitals.  By this I mean men who wear skinny jeans.  A lot of people have probably had a moan about this, and i'm deffo gonna join in.  I know fashion is pain, and all that shiz, but come on!!  You are probably drastically lowering the chances of ever being able to impregnate any woman with that folded up, squashed piece of salami that you insist on torturing, in those tight denim prisons.  I'm a woman, and have had many run ins with wearing skinny jeans, and my under-carriage is very different to theirs!  I just don't understand where IT goes?!  Also, I thought men were supposed to be proud of that area.  Linford Christie anyone?  Let loose guys, don't torture yourself..........girls don't think you look cool, they just think you are pretentious and tiny........

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