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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Shopping with people who have children.  I am a parent and I know it's tough to shop with kids, but seriously!!  Kids have no social boundaries and love to run in front of trollies, scream, grab things off the shelf and generally make a nuisance of themselves.  This of course doesn't include my hate of this behaviour has well and truly trained him to be a relatively good shopper!  However as the friend of the person with the children, I feel I get extremely stressed and irritated trying to keep the child/ren out of peoples way and stop them from running around like crazy people while the parent wanders around oblivious!!  This is why I never and I repeat never, go shopping with friends who have children!  Am I bad friend?  Probably, but I am a bad shopper at the best of times without having to worry that little Frank/Jane/Tracey is pulling the toilet roll out of it's packet, wrapping it around themselves and wandering around like a Mummy..........not on my watch sunshine!

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