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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


GERMS!!  Ok I understand that nobody likes germs, but I have a phobia of people who carry the germs and dish them about willy nilly.  I have a thing about particles......Mr Bloggy thinks i've got issues, and I guess i'd have to agree!  For example, (I grossed Mr Bloggy out with this one!)  He was telling me about being at the gym the other morning (a breeding ground for all things icky) and he was weight training with his buddies, when one of them went in to the corner of the room to pass wind.  "Urgh" I said, "That's disgusting!  Why didn't he leave the room?!  Why did he go to the corner of a small room where you are all breathing a lot deeper than usual and fart out poo particles in to the air?!  Urgh, it was morning as well, so his bottom was probably un-washed!!"  (Mr Bloggy is a lucky lucky guy!)  But it's true!  Smelly stuff is little droplets of i'm no scientist, clearly, but if you breathe in that smell.......bleurgh, it's gross!!!

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